We are a team of passionate data scientists and engineers dedicated to helping businesses unlock the power of advanced analytics.

We tackle your toughest challenges, from identifying insights to building automated solutions that drive real business impact. We leverage a range of techniques, including descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics, to deliver customizable solutions that meet your specific needs.

Yves Boussemart

Yves Boussemart, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Yves is the Chief Technology Officer at XGS and focuses on driving AI and analytics across the portfolio companies such as EBM Software, BlueOps Partners, and the CMA.

He holds a Ph.D. from MIT, as well as a Masters and Bachelor in Computer Engineering from McGill University and has over 15 years of experience in data science and visualization. Yves has overseen and spearheaded the delivery of advanced analytics projects across a wide range of industries, including midmarket private equity, airlines, mining, automotive racing, and pharmaceuticals.

Previously, Yves served as the Head of QuantumBlack Canada and an Associate Partner at McKinsey & Co. During his tenure, he established and expanded the Canadian practice of QuantumBlack, a global leader in advanced analytics. He has led numerous projects and teams in the UK, Europe, and North America, as a Director at QuantumBlack UK.

Yves is an active angel investor in AI-focused startups, mentors at the Creative Destruction Lab (Montreal site, AI stream), and is a member of Anges Quebec. He’s passionate about applying AI to solve real-world problems and creating positive impact.

Grigorios Skolidis

Grigorios Skolidis, PhD

VP, Data Science

Grigorios Skolidis is the Vice President of Data Science at XGS, leading the technical development of ML-powered software modules and data science projects across the portfolio.

With a Ph.D. in Machine Learning from the University of Edinburgh, he brings 10+ years of experience developing Machine Learning solutions in various Industrial settings and has worked across multiple verticals such as Finance and Banking, Construction and Infrastructure, Retail, Mining, Banking, Healthcare, Pharma, and Agriculture.

Dr. Skolidis is recognized for his expertise in machine learning and helping businesses unlock valuable insights and achieve outstanding results. His extensive knowledge and practical experience position him as a valuable asset for organizations navigating today’s data-driven landscape.

Georgios Liarommatis headshot

Georgios Liarommatis, M.Sc.

Senior Data Scientist

Georgios has been involved with projects in the Health Insurance sector as a Senior Data Scientist during his time with EBM. He has developed code infrastructure to produce quick analytics and ML iterations based on client needs.​

He has experience in the financial services, investment banking and mobile marketing. Having previously built automation and ML solutions for several challenging projects and clients in the above sectors.

Stefan Lewis headshot

Stefan Lewis, M.Sc.

Senior Data Scientist

Stefan is a Senior Data Scientist for XGS where he has been involved with projects developing ML and software tools for XGS clients.​

Stefan has experience across Finance and Engineering sectors, delivering data science and analytic solutions from ideation to deployment.

Jonny Howard headshot

Jonny Howard, M.Sc.

Senior Data Scientist

Jonny is a Data Scientist for XGS and split his time between helping clients implement ML and AI solutions to their big data problems and developing internal tools to help make XGS and their partners more efficient.​

Jonny has extensive analytics experience in retail and has also delivered projects in the private equity and facilities management industries.​

Maria Gaki headshot

Maria Gaki

Data Scientist

Maria is a Data Scientist for XGS where she has been involved with projects developing ML-powered software modules for big data problems. ​

Maria has experience in Finance and Medical fields, having provided insights and solutions appropriate for academic and professional settings.